Wade ZUver


Wade Zuver is the founder of Zuver Construction LLC, and has over 16 years of experience in construction.  He has a passion for partnering with clients on projects that they have been dreaming about for years, including custom kitchens, baths, whole house renovations, historic restorations, outdoor remodels, and custom homes projects.  The mission of Zuver Construction continues to be to provide the highest in customer satisfaction and workmanship, through proper planning and preparation and continual communication throughout the entire project.


CORY Richardson


Cory is the lead project manager for Zuver Construction and brings with him years of experience in construction and remodeling.  At Zuver Construction, Cory is responsible for managing schedules, material deliveries, and sub-contractors. He credits the hands on education that he received working alongside his father, an "old school" carpenter, for launching him into a lifelong passion for construction.  Cory has honed his skills with kitchen and bath remodels, installing all types of cabinets, appliances, tile, and flooring.  Cory feels fortunate to love what he does for a living.


Ryan Lamb


Ryan has more than a decade of experience in home construction. He built his first house in Biloxi, Mississippi, at age 22 after Hurricane Katrina devastated the gulf coast. Now, he spends his days managing schedules, material delivers and sub-contractors. And, when not on the job site, you’ll find Ryan spending time with his wife and three children, playing golf or basketball and remodeling his own home. 


Tracy Zuver


Tracy has been the office manager for Zuver Construction since 2005.  Her unique ability to facilitate communication between clients, employees, sub-contractors, and vendors has been vital to our on-going success.  Tracy is an integral member of the Zuver Construction team.


NICOLE Decosta


Nicole is the marketing manager for Zuver Construction. Nicole has uniquely woven her career to cater to her two loves — the media and homes industries. Previously the Homes editor for eight years at Community Newspapers, Nicole went on to coordinate marketing efforts for Portland area home remodelers, home builders, Realtors and property management companies. Her deep roots as a multimedia journalist (TV, radio and print) prove the power of storytelling to attract attention.


Hannah Hacker


Hannah Hacker designs spaces at home to be both beautiful and functional. Accredited as an Associated Kitchen and Bath Designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Hannah has helped locals improve their homes since receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in interior design from Oregon State University in 2005. As the owner of Adapt Design, Hannah specializes in space planning and material selections for residential remodeling and new construction. 


COLE Zuver


Need someone to find you a lot or land to build your dream home on, we can do that.  Need to find that perfect fixer upper to have Zuver Construction turn it into your dream home, we can do that.  Need advice on what renovations to make to your current home so that you maximize your profits in the current market, giving you more leverage on then purchasing or building your next dream home, we can do that too!  In order to provide yet another service to assist in making your property dreams come true, Zuver Construction has a licensed Real Estate Agent, Cole Zuver.  He contributes to your housing needs not only by securing or selling property, but also by maximizing your profits along the way.


Aaron Kellar


Aaron is the Graphic Designer for Zuver Construction.  Aaron's passion for design brings the same innovation and consistency to our marketing that you will see in all of our projects.